Geothermal Power Supply as an alternative to oil and gas

Geothermal Power Supply is a unique, sophisticated, and cutting-edge energy source. Traditional and existing technology is easily conveyed to this new and clean form of energy.

From supplying energy providers to supplying green energy.

Already specialized in supplying OCTG and associative products to the Oil and Gas Industry, we have successfully advanced and transferred our know-how to the Geothermal Industry. IPS has supplied equipment used on several geothermal deep drilling projects for major industrialists.

With our product expertise and industry knowledge, we plan to go beyond supplying to energy providers and become a supplier of green energy. We are determined to utilize geothermal heat to generate innovative energy and have established IPS Geothermal Energy B.V. to do just that.

IPS Geothermal Energy was established to develop dozens of geothermal sources in consultation with major project developers – to establish green energy as the new norm in commercial, residential, industrial and agriculture.

Large-scale geothermal projects require experience working with underground installations and capital for financing.

IPS Geothermal Energy B.V. invests in geothermal energy to bring a previously underutilized energy source into play as part of the heat transition in the built environment.

IPS Geothermal Energy are entering into strategic partnerships with industry experts who are experienced in delivering and managing geothermal projects.

With this we hope to realize the most optimal use of geothermal energy for district heating for the benefit of the built-up environment, whether in combination with business, industrial, or agricultural heat supply.

IPS Geothermal Energy is owned by the IPS Group B.V.

IPS Group is a global service company that provides procurement and project management. IPS Group B.V. specializes in the supply of industrial equipment, pipes, fittings, flanges, valves and spare parts to the oil & gas, salt extraction, and geothermal industry for their new projects and maintenance, repair and overhaul needs.